Saturday, October 21, 2017


Inktober day 17 from the movie Neon Maniacs
Are there any other months of the year that get their name abused as much as October? We have Shocktober, Rocktober, Spooktober, so on and so forth. October is great, without it we wouldn't have Oktoberfest. Which brings up an interesting side note about horror movies. Do you snack during movies? Candy, popcorn, soda, beer? When I go to a movie theatre it's almost mandatory to have popcorn and a cherry coke. HOWEVER, I always refrain if it's a horror movie. Seriously, I should start the horror movie diet plan. There are just some really grody parts to most horror movies and they make me lose my appetite.  A couple of the movies I used for this week's inktober sketches have some of the grossest death scenes, even if they look completely low budget, they still make my stomach turn.
These two sketches are from the movie Alice Sweet Alice, aka Communion, aka Holy Terror.  They've all but outlawed these type of Halloween masks for what they claim are safety reasons, but I'm pretty sure it's because whoever's in charge of making those stupid rules just got tired of wetting their pants every time they saw them. The creepy masks were put to good use in several horror films.

These next two sketches are from the ridiculousness that is Neon Maniacs.  It's actually not completely horrible, it just needed someone to reign in the ridiculous. A lot of people refer to it as the Village People at Halloween. It does have potential to be good so it's worth a watch.

This one is from Death Ship, another one with George Kennedy.  It's probably one you've never heard of but if you're a fan of horror movies you need to find it and watch it. "This old ship, seems to have a life of its own".  Yes, yes it does and it's what makes it scary. Well, that and then you find out the ship is a Nazi. WHA!? Yea, just watch it, especially for George Kennedy's performance, his descent into madness is pretty great. 

Night of the Creeps is just an all around great 80s horror flick and one of those that will put you on the fast track to weight loss that I mentioned earlier. The first time you see those slugs coming out of somebody's body you'll find yourself not so hungry for Junior Mints. 

Saturday, October 14, 2017

October Was Made for Horror

As I'm sitting here typing this there's an awful storm going on outside, with a tornado warning to boot. The strange weather, rustling leaves and earlier sunsets make October the perfect month for all things spooky.  Continuing the inktober and movie mashup this first one is from Just Before Dawn.

 It might seem like your typical campers go off in the mountains to be terrorized, but it's a little better than your average cliche camping horror film. One, it has George Kennedy in it and he fully warns these five morons that there's a machete wielding weirdo out in the mountains but they go just the same.  In situations like that it's hard to feel sorry for the victims. They were warned, weren't they?

This next one is from Psychomania
 The Brits and their bikes, what's not to love here? It's got one helluva good soundtrack and a good story too.  Of all of the types of horror stories out there the ones involving witchcraft seem to intrigue me the most.  Why? Because who would be crazy enough to tempt that sort of fate? Walking into an abandoned house, or like the previous movie, a spooky wooded area I can manage that type of fear.  Messing with spirits and the un-dead, that's completely unknown to me and holy crap what happens if something really does happen? Perhaps Bloody Mary won't come after you if you say her name three times in the mirror but who's to say she won't? Just because she doesn't come for you immediately after you say it doesn't mean she isn't coming years down the road. Seriously, she's probably working her way down that long list of names. Hope you didn't do anything stupid when you were a kid to open some sort of portal or curse.

This uber creepy one is from New Year's Evil
I always wish that when the person wearing the mask pulls the mask off they look exactly like the mask. This is another one where I just don't know if I can feel bad for all of the victims. Cheesy but it was the 80s and man the 80s were great. 

This is from The Burning. Another camping excursion. This one is the first instance I learned about Cropsey.  Turns out Cropsey has his own story, a true one. Look him up if you have time. 
Sometimes Youtube gives us great things. Here's the whole movie from start to finish.  

These next three drawings are from Saturday the 14th

When I was a kid my mom thought Friday the 13th would be too scary for me but she believed this movie was a spoof on it and would be ok for me to watch. 

While there is some humour it does have some bits of horror too.  As for Friday the 13th being too scary, she must've had no idea the treasure trove of Argento and Fulci movies my dad had already let me watch. 

Saturday, October 7, 2017


When is someone going to make a horror movie about how the stores put Halloween items out in July and Christmas stuff in September? Going shopping now is causing too much stress, you never know if you missed a birthday because you're so confused about what month it actually is. Thanks to Inktober I know exactly what month and day it is, unless I get behind, but so far I've done well at staying on track. In order to keep October less crappy and more creepy I chose to celebrate Inktober/October by inking ,mostly, B horror movies. 
The first one is from Mr. Sardonicus. 

This one is Norma Bates from Psycho, the only non "B" movie I've done so far. The following scene is where Norman Bates is being questioned about his mother. Anthony Perkins is nothing short of amazing here. 

For the love of a Norton Commando this is from I Bought a Vampire Motorcycle.  It's cheesy British humour at its best, plus a couple of really great death scenes. 

Deathbed:  The Bed That Eats.  It's so bad you have to watch it because when was the last time you saw a train wreck?  The idea behind it isn't all that bud, it was the execution of it that wasn't so great. The scene I drew for Inktober is one of the worst. The bed is eating his hands in super slow motion and the actors make it completely unbelievable. They cut back and forth from shots of them trying to pull his hands from the bed to what is probably supposed to be the bed's digestive juices eating away the flesh from his hands. His reaction to his new hand modeling career isn't quite what you'd expect. 

This one is from The Stuff. Highly recommend this to everyone. It's along the lines of They Live. It's one of those that will go over a lot of people's heads but it's great commentary on consumerism and how people can be pretty blind and foolish sometimes. 

Tobe Hooper was a master at the terror horror film.  The movie trailer mentions a parallel to Jaws but Jaws didn't have a creepy motel attendant helping him, or I guess Jaws was a girl as she had babies to keep that franchise going.   

The Boogeyman may be low budget but it's a good one.  The story behind it could be retold with better effects and such.  There are newer movies with the same name, don't confuse new cheese with old cheese. 

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Satanic - Official Trailer

The Saturday evening horror flick for this week, Satanic. Recently I was in the position where I was at the mercy of Netflix.  That's right, some people think Netflix is a godsend, I however use it as a crutch. If I'm in a place where I can't get a DVD I turn to Netflix. You might be asking why because lord knows everything is streaming now and soon they won't make DVD's blah blah. Windows has even gotten so lazy, cheap and presumptuous that they no longer include a media player on new computers. WHA!!!?????? Yea, that's pretty crappy considering the horrible selection of horror movies Netflix has on its streaming service. You could say the selection of horror movies is horrific. (whaa whaaa.....) A smattering of, not even B more like D movies that were made in the last ten years. Which means they rely heavily on gore and a viewer who's either stoned out of their gourd or slightly comatose. I took a chance on this movie simply because I thought I'd enjoy it for the cheese factor. 
In all honesty it started off mediocre, got better then just abysmal. Sarah Hyland and Anthony Carrigan are two of the more well known actors in the movie and their performances were great considering what they had to work with. I was pleasantly surprised by Hyland.  Someone please hand her some better scripts. The dialogue was awful and the ending was even worse. The general idea of the movie is actually not bad it just didn't come together very well. A group of young adults are off on holiday.  They're touring some "haunted" sites before they go to Burning Man, or whatever the musical festival du jour was. It's your typical weird girl, good girl, tough guy and annoying asshole group. They end up getting themselves into a lot of trouble when they follow Satan worshipers to their hideout or whatever it's supposed to be.  When they try to rescue a girl they thought was going to be a human sacrifice it goes really bad for them. The girl is off her rocker and kills herself after vomiting and urinating on the hotel floor. If the movie had ended there it probably would have been better but it kept going.  
If you want to suffer through the ending and come back here and discuss I'm all up for that. Or if you've already seen it and want to leave your take on the ending in the comments I'd gladly read what you think. Also, if you have any better suggestions for streaming good horror movies I'll take those too.  

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Happy Birthday to Me (1981 - Original Theatrical Trailer)

The horror flick for this Saturday, Happy Birthday to Me.  Since it's my birthday I chose one to go along with the theme however, it's one of my all time favourite horror films simply because it scared the bejesus out of me when I was a kid. 
My brother, John, and brother from another mother, Chad, thought we were brave enough to watch this movie and not be scared. We watched the whole thing and nobody batted an eyelash until Chad had to go home. He lived behind us, just catty corner across the back yard, maybe 80 yards from back door to back door and he was too scared to walk home alone. Considering the content of the movie it really was no surprise we were freakin' terrified. Made in the early 80s this movie hit on a lot of things we were familiar with, dirtbikes, older brothers lifting weights pretending to be tough guys and crazy angry people. Angel dust was the drug du jour and whenever we saw a juvenile delinquent getting in trouble adults would immediately blame the angel dust. You know, because that kid came from such a nice family, it could only be drugs that would cause them to act that way. So it wasn't far fetched in our young 5 and 7 year old minds that an angry angel dusting pissed off prom queen could be lurking in the darkness between our yards. That night we spent most of the evening walking each other back and forth home. We had to walk Chad home because he was too scared. Then Chad had to walk us home because we were too scared. This went on and on until Chad finally was brave enough to just go alone.  I remember waking up the next day with a great urgency to go check on my best friend. You can imagine how horrified I was when I looked out my bedroom window and saw his body impaled on the neighbour's fence. OK, that didn't happen but that's what I thought I was going to see when I woke up. You'll be happy to know Chad is still alive and well and telling stories about how my dad used to make us breakfast before we went to school. 
Aside from the personal trip down memory lane I do enjoy this movie. There are a few movies similar to this so we could almost come up with a category called adolescent revenge horror or something like that. It was just creeping into the gory horror but not ridiculous or overly cheesy. The early 80s were good for horror in that the special effects were still special and not all computer generated. When an artist has to create a reality they tend to use a few more tricks, causing the viewer to fill in the blanks.  With computer generated effects it's spoon fed to the audience, no imagination involved. This one may be a little more nostalgic for those who grew up in the 80s, but definitely worth watching if you're a fan of horror. 

Saturday, September 16, 2017

The Cabinet of Caligari (1962) - Trailer

The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari is one of those old horror flicks where you're not sure you know what the hell you're really watching. It stars Glynis Johns and everybody knows her as the mother in the movie Mary Poppins. The first time I saw Johns in a movie aside from Poppins was in The Vault of Horror. Of course she was also in the Batman TV series as Lady Penelope Peasoup, but that's not a movie. Anywho, after seeing her in Vault of Horror I wasn't as surprised to see her in another horror flick. This one is more of a psychological thriller type. The cinematography is fun in this one but the dialogue might make you a bit uncomfortable. Jane Lindstrom, Johns' character, is seeking help after her car breaks down. She finds a house and asks for help but soon she finds she's being held prisoner in this home belonging to a man by the name of Caligari. He says highly inappropriate things to her, watches her while she's in the bathtub, just all around creeper kind of things.  She believes he's some sick sort of pervert, keeping her there against her will just for some sort of amusement. The end comes and you think this is where the idea for Shutter Island came from which isn't a bad comparison because in both movies there's still that slim chance that the "crazy" person may really be the sane person and we were all tricked. There are a few unanswered questions that make you wonder.
This movie is worth watching for the cinematography alone, it's all black and white and the lighting is fantastic. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

Apprentice To Murder Trailer 1987

The last few Saturdays were spent at painting competitions and I didn't set up any posts to have ready while I was gone so now I'll play catch up. The trailer for this movie makes it look REALLY creepy. In parts it really is creepy but mostly I walked away asking myself, what exactly were those Pennsylvania Dutch smoking back in the day? 
At first it looks like a cheap made for TV movie, the kind that used to come on late afternoon on a Saturday and you'd watch only if it were hailing outside or the other kids were trying to shoot you with their BB guns and you went indoors for safety. It says it's based on a true story, which usually hooks me. I'm a sucker for those kinds of stories.
 The eerie music really makes this movie up until you near the end of it. Before that it's more of a pervy kinda creepy and not a scary/horror kinda creepy. Donald Sutherland plays John Reese, a "powwow" medicine man.  Basically he's like a cult leader who seems to believe in his own powers to heal. He takes a liking to Billy Kelly, played by Chad Lowe. Billy is an aspiring artist and John teaches him to read and how to practice the "powwow" medicine. It's really unclear who the evil person is in this movie and it ends without ever really telling you, it's just that bizarre.  It's absolutely worth watching just to see a man spit fire.  
At the end of the movie it states that Billy Kelly and his wife Alice, played by Mia Sara in the movie, lived happily ever after in Philadelphia where he became a successful commercial artist. I tried to look up information on this story and Billy Kelly but didn't get anything. 
As far as horror movies go, this one isn't bloody and gory but it gets you thinking and has its moments of suspense. My favourite line in the movie, "The Lord loves artists, Billy".