Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Tuesday Bluesday

Leonard Cohen's "Almost Like The Blues" is the song for today. My pals took me to a place called Beer Geeks last Saturday and we sampled the geeky beer. I tried one called a 400 Pound Monkey and it was gross and moved onto a Vanilla Java Porter which was not gross. As I was drinking my non-gross beverage I noticed on their menu that they have something called Tuesday Bluesday. They have live Blues every Tuesday. Hmmm.....It's all good, I can share, but there's is still just almost Tuesday Bluesday.
I've been all over the place this summer and one of those places was to see where Captain James T. Kirk will be born. Why? Why the hell not, it's something to do and now I can say I did it. Riverside, Iowa isn't all that exciting but it was a cute little town that reminded me of Mayberry, but it was in colour.
This was outside of a "museum" or whatever it was. It was closed, even though the hours of operation posted in the window made it clear that it should have been open. Anywho, when I saw it I immediately had the urge to deface it and put a "w" in front of the name Rath and of course add Khan. Lucky for everyone I'm not into defacing property.
Here is the actual future birthplace of Captain Kirk. It's behind a beauty shop, or a barber shop, not entirely sure because it wasn't open. The directions stated that it was a barber shop but it looked awfully girly to be a manly type of place. It's definitely someplace one goes to get their ears lowered. You have to walk behind the building to get to this. Once there you have to avoid stepping on rotten peaches. It stunk something awful of fermented fruit and bird poo was everywhere. It was still fun to finally see it.
Once I finally made it home I was hungry. After all that traveling though I was too tired to cook. What's your go to meal when you're too tired to cook? Mine's either peanut butter and jelly or grilled cheese. I was too tired to cook but not in the mood for either. That is until I picked some tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden. That's when I decided to make a better grilled cheese sandwich.

Roma tomatoes. 


Pre-sliced mozzarella for when you're too tired to cook. 

Butter the bread and place on the gridle. Then add the cheese, basil and tomato on top. 

Voila, a better grilled cheese sandwich for when you're too tired to cook.

The book I read this week, Call For The Dead, by John Le Carre (accent on the e). It wasn't until I took the picture of the cover that I noticed it said, "This unusual tale of espionage introduces one of the most unlikely-unlikable heroes ever to master the sinister world of international intrigue."  That ain't lying either. I couldn't stand Geroge Smiley. What the hell kind of name is that anyways? Smiley. Absolutely could not stand him. Also couldn't stand his wife, what a hussy. Was it intriguing as it claims? Sort of. It's all about communism, espionage and a fat man named Smiley, who eventually grows on you, but much like a fungus. Ever know a person like that? They're invaluable yet you can't stand to be around them. It's a short read and I picked it up at the half priced book store for $1.00.  I got my dollars worth of entertainment at least.
Here's a pastel I was working on at a lake. This summer has been good to me with the weather and the great places to paint. I've had plenty of opportunities to practice painting clouds and water, two things that are harder than you might think. If I keep practicing I might get good at this someday.

Finally we're at the daily doodle. I scribbled this out late last night. A friend of mine was complaining about how there are too many people on Facebook posting pictures of their food, telling everyone what they eat all day and where they go and what they're doing at every minute of the day. I thought it was funny, peculiar funny not ha ha funny, that people do that. So in order to make it ha ha funny I painted what I ate. I have seen those jokes about how Cezanne was the original person who always shared what they ate and I think that's funny too. Honestly, fruit, food and all that are easy practice for a painter and can be funny too.

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For Boys Only

The Runaways-I wanna Be Where The Boys Are is the anthem for this post and I'll get to the reason why here shortly.
Sorry I haven't been posting regularly, like everyone else on the planet I've been busy. I've been here, there and everywhere. I've gone places I've never been before and a couple of times that was on accident. I'm a great navigator but missing road signs are something I can't control nor manage to navigate around. Which reminds me I overheard the stupidest thing at dinner the other night. Was at this nice restaurant with really delicious food and the atmosphere was nice. Except for table to the left which was dominated by loud talkers. Loud talkers who spoke about absolutely nothing, just talking to hear themselves talk. One of the women was talking about how she's also great at reading maps, however this one time when she was in Switzerland she got lost because she couldn't read the map because it was all in German. Rigghhht. So today I came across this quote from Mark Rothko and found it absolutely perfect, "Silence is so accurate."  How right he is about that.
There's some Rothko to rest your eyes on for awhile. 

So what's all this talk about boys?  If you're a girl and read the title of this post we have some things in common. Mostly that we're the curious type. I found this book, "For Boys Only" and felt like I needed to take the chance to see what I'd see inside, even though I'm a girl. *gasp* Unfortunately there's no deep dark secrets about boys, secret bro codes or any info on why it is they have an infinite amount of cooties. It's simply a book of 12 short stories that are geared towards the young man, or boy. The first story, "The Adventure at the Toll Bridge" by Howard Pease was pretty decent. It was about a boy who had a part time job working at a toll bridge. He was in charge of collecting the money and opening and closing the bridge for the sea traffic. It's an adventure with some mystery, the boy plays detective and ends up the hero. The next story, "A Good Clean-Cut American Boy" by Harlan Ware really caught my attention. It was about a family and the oldest son was starting to turn into some sort of evil hippie. Unfortunately this as far as I got, not because I can't read but because the rest of the pages of this story are missing! Just my luck, the one story that I was really interested in finding out what happens at the end and it's missing. What does one do in this situation? Of course I went to Amazon to look for another copy of the book, or something on Kindle. I shot craps there. So a generic search for the book on the internet gave me results that I don't want to remember. I then searched for this particular story and found it. I was so excited, until......the place I found it stopped in the same exact spot as my book and the rest of the pages aren't there!  http://www.unz.org/Pub/Colliers-1949nov19-00020  There's a link to it if you want to torture yourself and only read half of the story.  Anyone have any idea where I can find the rest of this story? I'm guessing this is all some sort of punishment for being a girl and buying a book titled For Boys Only. 
Aside from my adventures with book buying I've been busy painting while out and about. If you read my regular Tuesday Bluesdays you may recognise this, I painted a similar scene in oil and posted it. This one is done in pastel. 
This is another pastel.  Greens are tricky and I'm bound and determined to figure them out. Green is supposed to be one of the most calming colours but for every artist I've every spoken to about it they all say the same thing, it's a pain. 
This is my watercolour travel set. It's sort of exploded from my original one. You'd think with more colours I'd be better at using them, unfortunately that's not how it works. 
Here's the daily doodle. I used my handy travel set for this, and all of the other doodles in my sketchbook. This is where I get complainy again. You know what sucks? When you've used something forever and you trust that it will always work the way it has but then suddenly it doesn't. That sucks. So I've been using these same brand of sketchbooks for a couple of years now so I had no reason to not believe that this new one I packed up and trekked all over the countryside with would be any different. You know, sort of like buying a book to read and half the pages are missing. So this sketchbook no longer works great with watercolours like the previous ones. How disappointing and sucky is that? At least the weather has been a dream.