Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Tuesday Bluesday

Patrick Hazell's Try Me One More Time is the Tuesday Bluesday song this week. I was really looking for his song, "It's Been Awhile" to match my absence but couldn't find it on Youtube. Patrick Hazell is a great blues musician who puts on a high energy one man show.
Sorry if you've been missing my posts. I've been busy and I like it. I've been on some pretty interesting adventures and seen a lot of great things. This picture here was one of those amazing things. This river is usually a calm river and you can sort of see where an old dam was. Usually it's a nice tranquil spot to visit where the water flows quietly over the dam. I had set off to go paint this nice quiet spot and when I showed up this is what was there. The night before there was a huge storm and the water rose faster than normal, which is what's referred to as a flash flood. I went ahead and attempted to paint as the river rose. After taking a break for lunch and going back to the same spot, I could no longer paint there as it was under water. I moved to higher land and continued to paint and watch the river rise. The locals informed me that the water would be up over the road before night so I only stayed a couple more hours.

Here's a photo from another adventure. This is an original camera from a penitentiary. It's sitting in a museum now where people can look at it and laugh at the upside down images that come through the lens. The volunteer giving the tour mentioned that people mostly got a kick out of the upside down cars going by.  What I took away was the odd feeling I got knowing that criminals stood in front of this camera to have their mugshot taken. I had to fingerprint myself once for a job and that's the closest I've ever gotten to feel like a criminal. This was different. Consider how the Amish don't want their picture taken because they think the camera will capture your soul. Think of all of the criminal souls that were captured by this camera.
I was in a park and spied this young reader in a tree. Seeing this made my heart happy. One, not many kids climb trees anymore, two not many kids read books anymore and three, in a crowded busy park this young girl found solitude by climbing a tree and reading a book. She was completely content, not a care in the world. At that moment I wanted my own tree to climb and my own book to bury my face in.

Some stuff I decided to try, Get Clean tea. It's supposed to get rid of the toxins and all that other hippie guru stuff. It promised to flush out the toxins in the liver and hey, any good alcoholic will tell you that's a good thing. All joking aside, what could it hurt? You're supposed to drink one cup of tea in the morning, one in the afternoon and one at night. Each tea bag is separated in its own tin and clearly labeled, AM, All Day (which is afternoon if you read the label further) and PM. Drinking three cups of tea a day certainly can't hurt. The AM tea was good, the afternoon tea smelled like hot garbage but surprisingly tasted good and the PM tea was atrocious. I lasted four whole days and couldn't stand the thought of having to drink something that smelled like hot garbage and then later drink a cup of ginger. Unfortunately I can't tell you if it worked its magical hippie guru hoodoo or not because I couldn't finish it.
Finally we're to the daily doodle. This is a quick sketch of Wendell Mohr's home done in conte crayon. I made mistakes on purpose to test out this new eraser that's supposed to erase everything. I got it as a birthday gift from Jerry's Artarama. Not many businesses give you gifts on your birthday so I think it's pretty cool even if it doesn't work.
  Here's the after, after trying to erase the mistakes. Not so great, plus it's messy. Oh well, I have no buyer's remorse so no big deal.
I had to start a different blog specifically for my paintings so if you're interested in seeing those you can check them out here. http://jakpaints.blogspot.com/  I'll try to be more diligent about updating. Crap thing is, being diligent about updating takes away from actually working so we'll see how I do.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Tuesday Bluesday

Albert King and Stevie Ray Vaughn - Texas Flood is the Tuesday Bluesday song this week.  The funny thing about the blues is that the musicians always have a story to tell and it's almost impossible to understand what they're talking about unless they're playing their instrument. It would be rude to say shut up and play but if you have no manners go ahead and say it.
8x10 pastel on art spectrum
I've been super dooper busy, racking up the travel miles and using up all of the undereye, black circle eraser cream. I'm finally home for a few days and I sat down to work last night. While working the song, "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" by Cyndi Lauper came on the radio. It took me back to when I was a kid and how fun it was to grow up in the 80s. It felt like we could wear the weirdest clothes and do the most outrageous stuff to our hair and nobody really said too much. Surely there were those who were judging but at that age it just felt like fun. Then I really got to thinking about how much better the world would be if girls really did just want to have fun. If all they wanted in life was to have fun then there wouldn't be as much hate and anger in the world. Not blaming girls for all the hate and anger, but you have to start somewhere. I understand that not everything in life is fun and it is important to be responsible but I still believe that it's possible to incorporate fun into just about every activity. Last year I had to clean the backyard that was full of thawing yard bombs. Guess what, cleaning up dog turds is more fun than doing taxes. See, it's all in your attitude and how you look at things.
Since I've been so busy I haven't had much time to read a really good book so I picked up this one which has 110 short stories, or fairy tales if you will. I'm a fan of Grimm's fairy tales and I was excited to find a book of 110 more of them. That is until I read them. There's a reason why these aren't that famous and the only thing "grimmer" about them is the mood you'll be in after reading them. These are most certainly the rejects that didn't make it into any previous selection of Grimm's Fairy Tales. Someone just wanted to make money on some half ass stories that honestly aren't fit to print. One story is about porridge, imagine that. A young girl and her mother have run out of food and they're hungry. The girl went off into the forest for no apparent reason and poof some old lady appeared. The old lady gave her a pot and told her when she was hungry to say, cook little pot, and when she had enough to eat just say, stop little pot. So the girl and her mom now had food. One day the girl took off to who knows where and the mother was left alone with the pot and said the magic words but she had the brains of a jack ass and couldn't figure out how to say stop little pot so the whole town filled up with porridge and if anyone wanted to go to the town they had to eat their way in. Seriously!?
I've been spending a ton of time outdoors painting. I've got the sunburn, bug bites and weird bleached out hair colour to prove it. This one is still a work in progress but thought I'd share anyway. I've been told not to share a work in progress but it doesn't bother me and I think it's fun to compare a half done piece to the finished one. Some people don't like to show their mistakes and that's fine. I know I'm not perfect. The trick is to not show up at the art show with a half done painting. Don't go to a concert and practice a new song. Don't open a restaurant and use all new recipes you've never made before. Also, don't step on a thumbtack while bare foot.

Here is the daily doodle. I bought this Moleskine sketchbook because everyone told me how great they are and wow Picasso and a bunch of other yahoos used them. THEY'RE CRAP! Definitely not worth the price tag. The paper is super thin and I haven't found one medium that works well on it. Pencils smudge, pen smears, watercolour warps the paper. I haven't tried blood yet. Hmmm... Oh well, lesson learned, don't believe the hype.