Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Handbags and Booze Juice

ICEAGE- Abundant Living is a little different tune for today. They're a Danish band from Copenhagen.  They're considered punk rock, take a listen and see what you think. 
My summer has been extremely busy so far but I did get a chance to take a few road trips and I have two more planned before summer is officially over. The things you get to see and do on road trips are worth driving in bad traffic and having your butt fall asleep from sitting in the car too long. One great thing is that you can buy tons of stuff and not worry about how you're going to get it home. Well, there are limits, but there are no extra baggage fees and security checks. One thing I found on my most recent road trip were these super cute clutches by Lauren Ericka Designs.
 I bought two of them and would have gladly filled my Jeep with them if I had no self-control. They were all really nice but honestly, how many bags does one girl need? That question may sound crazy to some as I know many will say there is no such thing as too many. Unfortunately my closet can only hold so many bags and it's hard enough to shut the door as it is, so two was my limit. They were very reasonably priced as well. Only $35 a piece and there's even a pocket inside to hold your phone. Take a peek at the Etsy store and check out the other patterns they have for sale. 
Now for that booze juice.  Bloody Marys have always been a good drink, even if I used to think of them as an "old lady" drink. Tomato juice isn't all that appealing on it's own so it took me awhile to understand why putting vodka in it would make it any better. Turns out Bloody Marys are quite possibly one of the most versatile drinks out there and hey, it has tomato juice so it's gotta be somewhat healthy too, right?  You can put whatever you want in your Bloody Mary to make it taste however you want. If you want to drink a pizza put some Italian seasoning in it. If you want it to taste like a BLT put some bacon in it. I prefer spicy. I like my Bloody Mary to taste like I'm drinking a nice spicy Gazpacho. If you missed it, I wrote about how I put some of my fresh dill from the garden into a jar with vodka to flavour it. It worked perfectly and it made one amazing Mary. Here's my recipe:

  • Tomato juice
  • Shot of dill vodka- FYI if you don't have a shot glass you can use 3 tablespoons. A standard "shot" in the US is 44 ml. A tablespoon is 14.7 ml. You can do some math or trust me here.
  • Couple dashes of celery salt
  • Couple dashes of garlic salt
  • Dash of paprika
  • Two pinches of horseradish root powder. 
What is horseradish root powder? I'm not really sure but I'm so glad I found it.
I found it in one of those "buy in bulk" stores. This store is actually pretty well known in the tri-state area. People come from all over to go to theDutchman's Store. There's not much else in the town other than this store but it brings people in from all over. 
The powder can be used to make sauces and other recipes. After doing several searches about it I could only find the info that the powdered version can be twice as strong as fresh horseradish so if you're reconstituting it use sparingly.
The book I read this week, Haunted Summer, by Hope Dahle Jordan. I got it at Half Price Books. I always have zero expectations for these books I find there. The ones on the super duper cheap spinner rack. Something I thought was really cool about this was the author's notes. She wrote that she worked for an advertising firm in New York and one day set a goal that she would have something published in three years and here it is. It's, I guess, geared towards the young adult reader. It's about a high school aged girl who was making strides in a "man's" world. She made the boy's golf team. She got a job delivering flowers, something only boys were doing. Then one day she, whoops, up and ran over the newspaper boy. She took him to the hospital and after waiting for awhile she just left. Nobody knows, except her, who hit the boy or who brought him into the hospital. The whole thing weighs on her conscience. In the end she confesses but the police don't believe her. They can't believe that a girl would be in an accident like that. It's not a long read, it's a little thought provoking but mostly it's fun to read what it was like back when girls were too good to do anything bad. 

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