Sunday, March 6, 2016

Where You Bean All My Life?

Sorry but I forgot to mention before that baked beans are also on the list of food served in hell. You can order it with your canned tuna and banana flavoured candy. It's no surprise that the baked beans, chocolate and soap scene in the movie Tommy grossed me out beyond belief. I never realised the scene was supposed to be Mrs. Walker (Ann Margaret) hallucinating and the scene took three days to shoot. Can you imagine having to be around that many baked beans for three days? Eww.
Funny enough I very much like green beans. I'll even eat canned green beans.  For some reason I've always been under the impression that cooking fresh green beans was hard. Again, it must be some childhood experience where the lazy adults make a big deal about cooking fresh vegetables and just grab for the can.  Cooking fresh green beans takes just about as much time as opening a can and warming them up. All you have to do is blanch them. No, not the sassy Blanche from Golden Girls, but blanch as in boiling water, putting the vegetables in for a few minutes, then removing and putting them in ice cold water. That's all you do. Boil water with a tbsp of salt put the beans in for 3 to 4 minutes, remove from boiling water and either run under cold water or put in a bowl of ice water. That's it. You can season them if you wish.
In my quest to chocolate cover everything, I grabbed a package of Nutter Butter. I'm not a huge fan of chocolate but every once in awhile get a craving and these chocolate covered "things" hit the spot because it's not too much chocolate. These absolutely did not disappoint. You just need a package of the Ghirardelli melting chocolate and the Nutter Butters.  Follow the directions on the package for melting and simply coat the cookies in chocolate. They set up in about 10 minutes in the refrigerator.  If you want to be really clever you could decorate these. Some ideas that come to mind are to add pretzels for antlers and eyes and you have reindeer for Christmas. You could dip them in white chocolate and make snowmen or ghosts for Halloween.
The book I read this week is The Outsiders. I've seen the movie more times than I can count but after reading one of S.E. Hinton's other books I knew I had to read this. She wrote this when she was 16.  That's right. SHE.  On my art blog I recently wrote about how some people make a big deal about whether a painting was done by a man or a woman. It always strikes me as funny because what's the difference? If you like a painting you like it, it doesn't matter if a man or woman did it. Same with this book. If you've seen the movie you'd probably assume that it was done by a man. Well, technically Francis Ford Coppola is a man and he directed the film, but it was written by a woman, so think on it for a minute.  The way Hinton writes, she makes it hard to put the book down, even to put the book down so you can blanch green beans. I'm glad I watched the movie before I read the book because I would have been having issues with the "socs". Greasers is easy to figure out but socs, I kept saying socks and reminded myself that's not how it's pronounced. If you want to read the book you can read it online for free here.  If you want to read more of Hinton's work you can check out her titles on her website.  Considering The Outsiders was her first book, you can only imagine how much better her other books are.