Thursday, June 9, 2016

Pretty, Pretty Gross

Picture found via "Unfortunate Food" on Pinterest. 
If food has to look good before you eat it makes you high maintenance then I might be on the highest rung of the ladder.  Then there's the smelling of the food. I know that drives some people crazy but guess what, if your food smells funky, it probably won't taste any better. Remember your school cafeteria food? It was obvious nobody in that kitchen was passionate about what they were doing.  The bad attitudes and poor food presentation certainly came out in the food they served.
Roasted Tomatoes via "Simple Pleasures"
Then you get something like this, that's been put together on a plate in seemingly random order but it looks so good because it's not random. The person who made this dish took the time to make it presentable but not too overly artistic. This is simplicity at its best and damn it if it's not making me hungry. Even Web MD says that "appearance is important as taste if you want to stick to a healthy eating plan". There's something to the way things are presented. Companies spend millions of dollars to make sure their products are presentable. Why are we so high maintenance?
Then it goes too far. @DrakoTsunami posted how his mom put Listerine in this bottle. Why? Who knows but it's kinda getting me feeling like my Listerine is less worthy. Does it still work the same? I'm sure it does, but look how pretty!
The shrimp in a bottle is not as pretty, but it is for sale! Are they just testing the limits here or is there really a demand for stuff like this?