Sunday, August 7, 2016

Wild West Road Trip Day 2 Conclusion

Day two of the wild west road trip ended at Terry Bison Ranch.  I was under the impression that it was just a fun name for a restaurant, but Terry Bison Ranch is a whole lot more than just a restaurant. It's a resort of sorts. There's a campground, amusement park, old west town, an assortment of animals and a train that goes through the bison herd. The restaurant is actually called The Senator's Steakhouse.  It's a large open building, equipped with a buffet and a piano player with questionable fashion sense. There were specials going on for Frontier Days and an extended drink menu with some interesting sounding names.  Unfortunately none of the servers could explain any of them. Our waitress informed me that she was given the drink menu to study so she could be prepared but evidently didn't do her homework. Since I couldn't order based on ingredients I ordered by name, a dead hooker. The drink wasn't very good, watered down gin and cranberry juice or something but it was fun having various servers stopping by asking how my dead hooker was.
After the food, the tunes and the dead hooker we went to the farm/zoo out back.  This is actually a great idea that more restaurants should try to do.  After a big meal it was nice to go outside and walk around.  I'm thinking a maze might be nice.  When you enter the restaurant you go in through a normal door but in order to leave you have to go through a maze. Hey, anything to slow the alarming numbers of new type 2 diabetes cases. The impressive farm had a catwalk that went above the pens so you were walking out on top of the animals below.  Not a great feeling if you're scared of heights or animals, but a cool way to see the animals if you're not a scardy pants.
Over all Cheyenne was a great place to visit. I'd definitely go back.
Here are a couple of travel tips for you.
Febreeze.  If you're not sure what this stuff is it's basically fresh smelling laundry in a bottle. It's a type of air freshener that is not only supposed to freshen the air but remove the bad odors too. If you look in the trial/travel section at the store you can probably find small bottles of it.  However if you're like me and have several of those spray bottles that come in those travel bottle sets you can fill one of those from a bigger bottle of Febreeze. Or you can make your own Febreeze from any of the zillion recipes you can find online, like this one here. I'm still not sure what those spray bottles are for.  What do you put in them? Well, I put Febreeze in mine now, but still not sure why they include one in every set of travel bottles. The Febreeze is nice to spray on the bed linens and wherever else you think smells like hotel room. Even the high dollar hotel rooms can tend to have an odor about them, like an odd mix of chlorine and musty air conditioner.
Power Strip.  You can get these starting around $5.  Stick with the lower priced ones in case you forget it.  It seems like a lot of hotel rooms are lacking in electrical outlets and or they're in the most inconvenient places. Besides being in inconvenient places there's usually only one free outlet. What happens if you're sharing a room and you both need to charge your phones? Or what if you're like me and you have two cameras, a phone, a tablet and a 3DS that all need charging? You need more than one outlet.  The power strip is also good for keeping you organised. If there does happen to be more than one outlet they're probably scattered around the room so you have a phone plugged in one place a camera in another and your tablet somewhere else. If you have them all connected to one power strip they're all in the same place, therefore lowering the chances of leaving something behind.
Coming up next is Colorado.

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  1. Was hoping for something a bit more salacious with the dead hooker but cranberry juice in gin is at least a misdemeanor. Great travel tips, though!