Sunday, October 2, 2016

South Fork, CO

The sun setting in South Fork, CO

What's the saying, if you see a fork in the road take it.  Why did we choose South Fork, CO as a destination? Easy, it was in between Glenwood Springs and Taos, New Mexico.  Our goal was to get to Taos and we could have stayed another night in Glenwood Springs but the hotels were all booked or way too expensive.  The logical thing to do was to find a post somewhere in between the two and find a place. This was the scariest part of the trip for me. I don't usually throw a dart at a map and says let's stay there but that's kinda what we did. I've never heard of anyone going to South Fork before so I had no idea what kind of town we were headed to.
Turns out South Fork is a relatively normal, small town that seems to depend mostly on tourism.  We had just missed the Shady Burro Enduro, which is an enduro race through the mountains that's either 100 miles or 75 miles depending on which you sign up for. If you don't know what an enduro is ask your dirt bike riding friends. As we were going into town we could see all of the racers leaving town. Oh well, we were just staying for the night and getting rested for New Mexico.
It was a little obvious that this was a railroad town. In front of our lodge there were several old Santa Fe cars parked.  Seeing the old cars makes me sad that design and style seem to have gone by the wayside.  Sure one doesn't need their train car to look appealing in order for it to get you from point A to point B but still, it's nice to see that someone put in some effort.
Something else right across the street from the lodge was the cutest little church. Turns out the Holy Family Catholic Mission was actually someone's home before they donated it to be turned into a church.
Our main outing in the town was to a restaurant called Ramon's Mexican Restaurant. My friend REALLY likes tacos and she was anxious to try some from the area.  Me, I don't get too worked up about Mexican food. I can get some of the best Mexican food at home. Literally. The one Mexican dish I get worried to try at restaurants are Chile Rellenos. In different regions of Mexico they use different sauces and different chiles, and I'm a little particular about which ones I like. If your relleno isn't made with a poblano pepper then I might not like it. Over the years I've learned not to be too particular about the sauce and in this case I'm lucky I'm not. When it was brought out to me the sauce was pink, no lie it was pink and garnished with an orange. Did I order a fruit cocktail or a chile relleno?  I was brave and tasted it and it was good. Still have no idea why the sauce was pink or what the orange slice was all about but I ate it and I'd eat it again if I had the chance. The margaritas and chips and salsa were really good too. Ramon's did not disappoint. The only disappointing thing about this small town was that everything closed super early.
Apparently there are some good hiking trails in the area as well. Some of the people staying at the same lodge said they were going on a four day hike. If I ever found myself in the area again I would not hesitate to stay a night or two in South Fork, CO. You can read all about South Fork on their website here if you'd like.