Tuesday, December 27, 2016

The Things You Don't Need

A couple of years ago I decided to only buy things if I really need them. The only things I've failed in this decision are socks, books and cameras, but I really NEED them so it doesn't count. Honestly, I don't get much enjoyment out of spending money and I get way less enjoyment cleaning and dusting the junk that was purchased back when I thought I needed to spend money on crap I really didn't need. 
Last week when I went on a shopping trip, for stuff I needed, I came across these fun notepads that look like sticks of butter. A few years ago I would have actually wasted money on them. Mostly because it reminded me of my school days. In college I had to take a Design I and II class and the professors never made it clear what the actual point of the courses were. Design what and what for? So when it came time to build stuff and explain what the purpose of my "product" was I always said, "to hold sticks of butter".  Seriously, if we were going to get ridiculous assignments I was going to give ridiculous results. I always put my best effort into it but looking back I could have had a better attitude about things. Instead of being slightly judgmental towards the professors' teaching methods I should have just asked questions.  I didn't need any butter holders, I needed to be more proactive in my education.  
Something else I realised I didn't need, my Amazon Prime membership. You know what, if I can't wait five days for something to ship to me then I need more patience. Amazon Prime was really nice to have for the last two years but getting stuff in two days just made me more impatient. I used to think getting a pizza in less than 20 minutes was the living end but after eating a pizza that someone spent more time and put more effort into I realised that pizza that took 45 minutes tasted so much better.
You know what else you don't need? Negativity. Sure it sounds like a dorky thing to say but trust me, if you can remove (not literally) one negative person/thing (probably literally) from your life you'll start to see the benefits. Soon you'll stop associating with negative people and you'll find yourself surrounded by positive ones. Those positive people will help you see an entirely new world. 
Something else you don't need, plain tomato soup. Seriously, if you're not putting basil and garlic in your tomato soup you don't know what you're missing. 

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