Sunday, April 30, 2017

Too Far

Not that long ago some friends and I were discussing things that are out of our control. Why do we do that? Why do we talk about the things that annoy us knowing full well that we have no way of changing the circumstances? It feels good to vent I s'pose. Our gripes were simple that day, we simply can't understand people who leave the house in their pajamas. It takes a minimum amount of effort to put on a pair of jeans and a clean t-shirt. Nobody's asking for a three piece suit, just put in a little effort and get out of the clothes you slept in. On the other hand, if you sleep nude and you put on clothes that look like pajamas we should be thanking you for that. At the end of our discussion we all agreed that people could be doing a lot worse things in this world and yes, there are those who do. But I posed this question, if we continue to just except this type of lazy behaviour then what's next? WHAT NEXT!?
Unfortunately I got my answer last week. I now know what's next and it's just another shade of lazy. My friends and I were in line at a cafe.  We ordered our food and stood in line waiting to pay and pick up our food at the end of the queue. As we waited I took notice of a group of teen aged girls sitting at a table. One of them had dropped a ten dollar bill on the floor underneath their table. Two of them looked at it then looked towards me with eyes pleading for me to pick it up for them. My eyes looked back in their direction with the expression that said, are you freaking kidding me?  The two girls then gave me a look of disapproval, like how dare I not pick up the money for them. (It's fun to have a conversation without actually saying a word) After many exchanges of facial expressions one of the girls attempted to pick up the money. She slightly bent over then gave up. "It's too far away", she panted. She even made an excuse about how the chair was preventing her from bending over far enough to reach it. As if she were strapped in with a seat belt or something. The girl who dropped the money gave this girl an even angrier look than she gave me and finally moved her chair back, ducked under the table and grabbed her cash.
After we got our food and sat down I asked if anyone else had witnessed what had happened.  I was the only one but they laughed and asked why I didn't pick up the money. Some of them said they would have kept the money. It would have served them right if someone had taken the money, like some sort of lazy person's excise tax or something. You're over your limit of laziness for the day, that'll be $10.  The funniest comment was, I bet they were trying to find an app on their phone that would pick it up for them.
What kind of lazy is this that you drop money and look towards a stranger to pick it up for you? Some might say I should've just been nice and picked it up for her. Perhaps if she were 102 years old and incapable of getting out of her chair to pick up her money from under her own feet, but she wasn't.

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  1. I was looking at your drawing and thought, "boy if she had done this as a 6'x8' canvas it would have held the wall in the contemporary wing at SLAM". Even as drawings this and a few more like it would be worth a show in the upstairs gallery at ICON. With a little scan tag next to the drawings to link someone's phone to their blog comments.